Easter Sunday Message from Fr Greg

There is really nothing like the Easter season and Holy Week to get us back on track, and relaunch ourselves into the journey of life. It is like when these deep space orbiters pass close by a planet, deliberately putting themselves into its’ orbit so as to use it to gain momentum, change direction, and launch out deeper and deeper into open space with added energy and new direction.

We need Holy Week every year for that. As Christians and Catholics, we tend to lose momentum or direction during the year, because the circumstances of life affect us.
Holy Week is like a super summary of some of the most important issues in life, and Easter Sunday the culmination of it all. We have highs and lows, and so did Jesus. Jesus goes with us into our highs and lows, to redeem them.

Easter Sunday is meant to be a kind of rebirth, propelled by the love of a God who was willing to lay down his life for his friends, and that includes us!
So, if we have the experience of feeling like something is missing in life, that the downs are greater than the ups, could it be rather that we simply haven’t yet really understood the Easter message of how precious we are in the eyes of God? How do we do that?

Generally speaking, we don’t really appreciate the value of anything unless someone is willing to offer something for it, or it is taken away. Our lives are so precious because someone was willing to pay the ultimate price to keep us alive forever. That person is Jesus, and he gave up his life for us.

Personally, I hope and pray that this Easter will be both a ‘reappraisal’ of the value of our lives, of a worth which can be seen in the Cross of the person who gave his life for us, Jesus Christ, and a ‘relaunch’ of the mission of our Parish, to reach out into the ‘open spaces’, out at the existential peripheries of the Parish and build bridges between them and Christ.

I look forward to a resurrection of love in our lives, inspired by Jesus’ own Passover, and a new determination to put mercy and forgiveness at the centre of everything we do, and above every other goal in life.

In Christ all is redeemed. You can experience a resurrection of love in your heart, because Jesus is alive and kicking. And, it could actually be even better than all the Easter Eggs you’ll devour on Easter Sunday!

Have a blessed and happy Easter!   Fr. Greg!