Parish Planning Online Survey

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Last week-end a Parish Forum was held at St Charles on the Sunday and at Holy Cross College on Monday evening. About 50 and 32 parishioners attended respectively. The Forum was offered for two main reasons:

i) to give information about a perceived need to review and plan ---- the WHY 
ii) to create an opportunity for parishioners to share their views on aspects of parish life where we may be able to do better.

An exploration of Focus Areas in the mission of the parish evoked animated conversation in the table groups and generated useful data to feed into the planning process. 7 Focus Areas of parish life were explored: 1--Welcome & Hospitality; 2--Community & Belonging; 3--Ministry Services; 4--Liturgy/Worship; 5—Adult Faith Formation; 6—Youth/Young Adults; 7—Outreach/Mission. Each of these is important but participants were asked to pick TWO ONLY which they considered most important. All categories got a smattering of preferences but there were three which were well ahead of the field in the following order:  

2nd YOUTH/YOUNG ADULTS             

All the others shared equally more or less. This feedback will prove helpful when it comes to prioritising elements of the plan.

An insert in the parish bulletin a few weeks ago had the heading: ‘The journey is as important as the destination’. Applying that claim to our planning, the hope is that in the announcements and forums we have had there may be an awakening in some that there is a need for renewal in our way of being Catholic church in the world.  Further, maybe the realisation that our own parish has the potential to change attitudes and practices which may thereby bring fresh life within our R-G faith community.
Indifference and inertia are the enemies of renewal and reformation and so it has been good to experience the interest and support of many parishioners in the planning initiative so far. The Steering Committee hopes to broaden the net of consultation in the near future by the posting invitations for further feedback on the parish website.

As part of this feedback, and especially for those who didn't have a chance to be at the forum, the parish is asking parishioners to take an online survey. The link can be found here: