Alpha: Welcome and Hospitality at Christmas

Getting ready for our guests

We all like to feel welcome when we come to Mass, to feel that we belong here and that this is our parish family. 

At Christmas time, we expect many more guests to come along to Mass. Some may not regularly come to Mass, but enjoy coming along at special times of the year. Some may be visiting family here; and some may be joining us for the first time from our local area.

This is an amazing opportunity to offer a friendly and warm welcome, and to reach out to many who may be seeking what our parish can provide- a warm community that reveals God's love.


Please include in your prayer each day a specific intention that many will accept this invitation to join us, and that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts to respond. 

Let's also pray that as a whole parish we will be warm and hospitable in welcoming our guests at Christmas with love.


Please invite family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues to join us for Christmas. Many may be waiting for such an invitation, and a personal invitation is by far the most effective invitation of all.

Prayerfully consider who you might invite, and have the courage to do it! Offer to accompany your guests to Mass if it may help them feel more comfortable.


At Christmas Masses, let's be more intentional about welcoming each other, and in particular, those who may not be regular parishioners. A simple smile or a 'hello' can make the Mass so much more warm and welcoming. We shouldn't underestimate this. The role of 'welcomer' belongs to all of us.

Alpha returns on February 10, 2020.
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Let's make Christmas really special as we extend an invitation and welcome to all.