From Fr Greg's Desk

Lent 2020

Lent begins next Wednesday! Please note that we have put on an extra early morning Mass this year at 6.30 am at St. Charles Borromeo Church, Ryde in addition to the 8 am Mass at Holy Cross College, the 9.20 am at SCB, the 12 pm midday Mass at OLQP, and the 7.30 pm Mass at SCB. So, now you have no excuse for not getting to Mass on Ash Wednesday!

I also draw your attention to our regular Lenten groups during this special time. Great way to get ready for the Resurrection at Easter!

Tap and Go Donation Points

Our Donation Point devices are now up and running. This gives you the opportunity to make a $10 donation via your Credit card when you are in Church, which goes towards our

second collection. There are generally two collections taken up at Mass - the first collection which supports clergy in the parish and beyond, and the second which supports the maintenance of our Churches, resources and repayment of loans.

You are also able to donate to our Parish via the Collection plates at Mass, Planned Giving envelopes, Direct Deposit or via Credit card once per month. Sign-up sheets are available in both Churches or you can contact the office on 9807 2966 or

Young at Heart Trip

Thanks also to the Young of Heart for their kind invitation to go on excursion with them to the Albion Park Air Museum last Wednesday. Great day out, and a chance to get to know a lot more of our parishioners! I would heartily recommend their next excursion, a river cruise on the Nepean. Details are in this week's bulletin, which can also be found online at

We need your help!

Thanks as well to the people who responded so generously as volunteers to fill out the parish registers! We now have several volunteers, and hope to be up to date with the registers within the next few weeks. Another thing to tick off the list!

We do, however, still need more volunteers around the Parish, in all sorts of ways. Firstly, we need more helpers for our Children’s Liturgy every Sunday at SCB during school time. This is an extremely important ministry, as we want all our young families to know that their children will not only be looked after at every 10 am Mass at SCB during school times, but also that they will learn lots of new things and grow in faith. Contact Philippa Manley for this one.

We also need a kind of “garden brigade” at SCB to look after the Agapanthus along the Victoria Road retaining walls, which somehow survived the summer (even without watering!). We'd like to get a few more planted along the wall at Victoria Road. Any takers?

There are also weeding and light maintenance work to be done around gardens and edges that would help a lot to keep our maintenance costs down and keep the surrounds looking great. We need people each week - both at OLQP and SCB churches - to blow leaves from the car parks, pull out unwanted weeds, collect fallen branches and pick up rubbish as it ‘lands’.

So, I am calling on anyone of you who would be willing to do that. If you are able to assist, please contact the Parish Office. Remember, there is a guaranteed payment by the Boss, Jesus, of 100 to one for all parish service hours after eventual retirement in heaven!

That’s all for now!
Fr Greg