Put your palms out

This Sunday the 5th of April is Palm Sunday. While we may not be able to celebrate it as we usually would, we encourage everyone to find some palms or any sort of branch or greenery, tie them with a ribbon and put them on your front door.

This is to demonstrate that although we are not congregating in churches, we are still here and celebrating the Lenten season.

If you don't have any palms, you can use any sort of greenery, branch or even herb branches to display on your door.

Catholics all around the world are participating in this initiative, and you can use the hashtag #unitedpalmsunday to share your palms and see other people's palms from near and far!

Here are some examples, although it doesn't have to be anything fancy! Just some sort of greenery hanging on your door is enough. You can even make your own palms out of paper!

You can adorn them with a ribbon, a crucifix or a some sort of battery operated light/candle if you wish.

Send us your photos!

If you are participating, take a photo of your door and send it to office@rgcp.org.au so we can showcase the incredible Easter spirit we have here at Ryde-Gladesville! Next week, we will post the photos we receive from our parishioners, and share them with you here on our blog and on our Facebook so all so you can see.

So this weekend, put your palms out!