From Fr Greg's Seat: COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone!

The Big News
this week is that we now have permission to have up to 50 people in our Church services from June 1 2020, provided we keep the social distancing rules. So, please be patient with us as we try our best to serve you even with all the restrictions and 'hoops' we have to jump through to get there.

Department of Health advice requests that people over 50 who have health issues, and others over 70 think twice before coming to Mass. Happy to have you along if you feel up to it! Know that we will still be bringing Communion to those who decide to stay at home for health reasons. We're a team, after all!

As of next week, all weekday Masses (including Saturday morning at 9 am) will be available on a first come first served basis to the first 50 people who come along. Once we have 50, however, we will be closing the doors. We will no longer be booking people in for weekday Masses because, well, we don’t usually get that many during the week, based on 'pre COVID - 19' attendances...

Usual Sunday Mass timetable begins 6 - 7 June 2020. We're going back to our usual timetable, and children are also permitted to attend. Bookings are still required for weekend masses, so you will need to book ahead for weekend masses as we normally had larger numbers, pre COVID - 19. That means that at SCB from 6th & 7th June, we will have: Sat Vigil 6pm, Sun 8 am and 10 am, and Sun evening at 6 pm (youth led Mass). And at OLQP, the 5 pm Sat Vigil and 9 am Sun Masses.

10 am Sunday Mass at SCB is still live streamed! Please note, however, that the Saturday evening vigil service will no longer be live streamed as it will take place at OLQP Church Gladesville, where we have no live streaming capabilities at present. 10am Mass will continue to be livestreamed however, so please be seated for this Mass by at least by 9.55 am. To watch our live streamed masses, see either or

Note the Maximum of 50 in the pews... Please be aware that no more than 50 participants are allowed (in addition to ministers and necessary personnel), and only those who have been booked in will be allowed to enter. If you don't turn up at least 5 minutes before the start of Mass, your reservation may be given away to someone else. 'Stand-by's' are welcome to register, and will be contacted at least an hour beforehand if a vacancy comes up.

Bookings for Weekend Masses. Bookings open on Tuesday morning 9 am each week for the following weekend and close at 3 pm Friday, and can be made either by email to , text to 0413 226 508, phone call 9807 2966 or by visiting the Parish Office. Places will be booked on a first come first served basis.

Cantors are limited to 2 people at 3 metres!! Dept of Health is concerned about choirs and droplets!! Hence, to keep them at bay, no more than two official cantors will be permitted at any Mass and need to be at least 3 metres apart. Unfortunately, singing is not permitted at this time, as per Dept of Health and the Archdiocese, but humming at a safe social distance is quite alright!

'No Shows'. If you book and don't turn up, except for genuine reasons, don't be surprised when we refuse your booking next time. You would be stopping someone else from participating, and space is limited. If you can't make it, make sure you let us know ahead of time. Leaving a message on the answering machine of the Parish Office is not sufficient. Send a text instead to Judy Raumer at 0413 226 508, so that we can find a replacement in time...

Rosters. We are presently drawing up rosters for all Masses at Ryde and at Gladesville. You will be informed of this via email, and the rosters for the following week will be put on the bulletin and on our website.

Collections. 1st & 2nd Collection containers and electronic donation point devices for credit and debit cards will be available at the main doors of both SCB and OLQP Churches. We definitely need your financial support as the collections have dropped considerably over the last two months of lockdowns. I do thank you for your ongoing support!!!😃 (...that's Fr. Greg showing a happy face!!).

New Donation Point Button on RGCP Website. We now have an easy access donation point on our website as well, which is incredibly easy and convenient to use. You will find the 'Donate Now' button on our main webpage (which is also 'mobile friendly') at

RGCP Green Fingers Brigade. Apart from that, I look forward to seeing our "RGCP Green Fingers Brigade' friends next Saturday 6th June, (from 8 - 11 am) as we will be laying some turf and fixing up gardens once again. You did a marvellous job last time!! Morning tea provided at 10 am ... we have to be finished by 11 am as there is a wedding!!

And that's it for now!! We will be taking down the photos this week, as we will have the pleasure of your company at one of the Masses. Thanks to everyone who provided us with those photos. That was a great effort!!

Look forward to seeing you there!!

Fr Greg