Youth Update

The Youth have been extra busy this week! The SPARC weekly challenges are in full swing, keeping our youth entertained at home, and spiritual formation evenings for all our Youth and parish community have begun online via Zoom!

Keep reading to see what exactly the youth have been up to, and to catch a sneak peak of our clergy as Marvel comic superheroes!

What have we been up to?

Weekly Challenges

We have been pretty creative the last few weeks! Our priests have even joined in with our Marvel Hero poster competition really capturing the authentic talents they have! Take a look! 

Our Parish staff even joined in too!

Aami Ads - Lucky you're with Jesus

We have released our next AAMI ad! Take a look on the following link:
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Thursday Night Live

We have been receiving great responses from our Thursday night Live sessions! This week we were blessed with one of our own Verbum Dei Sisters from Southampton England as ahe shared on the four dogmas of Mary in light of Mothers Day This Sunday! Stay tuned for more awesome topics to come!

Upcoming Events

Next Weekly Challenge - The Priestly Challenge

Next week we are going to challenge our minds a little bit more! Father Greg has created a word puzzle and has given us the topics of the bible, like disciples or sins, but no words and we have to find all the possible names and places etc in this find a word! Whoever finds the most by our next Sparc youth Session on Friday May 15th will win 2x Gold class movie vouchers for you and a friend. To enter, email us and we will send you the find-a-word.

Thursday Night Live

Our next Thursday night live will be next Thursday May 14th at 7:00pm with one of our very own Verbum Dei priests on the topic of ‘God’s love’ and unpacking how this relates to us today. All are welcome to join us on our YouTube channel from 7pm till 8pm (Ryde Gladesville Catholic Youth).

Sparc Youth

Our next Sparc is Friday May 15th at 6:30pm on Zoom for all high school kids! We are excited to continue to stay connected! If you would like to join please email us!

Set Alight

We have begun a series with our 18-40’s on ‘Theology of the Body’ by St Pope John Paul II. Next week’s topic will be on: Truth and Freedom. Join us Sunday May 17th at 7:00pm on Zoom as we unpack topics like relationships, dating, questions on God and faith, contraception etc. To join, email us!

Stay connected!

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